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Did you forget to add the backing to your quilt, or the thread sets to your club? Make your finished Block of the Month Quilt or Club projects even more exciting and complete with the program-specific embellishments, thread sets and backings!

Block-of-the-Month Quilt and Club programs are the perfect way to make your quilting and sewing projects manageable and affordable. Join a Shabby Fabrics Exclusive BOM or Club and look forward to a shipment each month that contains the fabrics and patterns to complete one part of your project!

Or if you prefer to buy your kits all at once and go at your own pace, be sure to check out beautiful array of Quilt Kits, Table Runners Kits, Laser Cut Kits, Wall Hanging Kits. We have kits available for every season of the year as well as holidays such as Valentine's Day Quilt Kits, Easter Quilt Kits, 4th of July and Patriotic Quilt Kits, Halloween Quilt Kits, Autumn and Thanksgiving Kits and Christmas Quilt, Table Runner and Wall Hanging Kits

You can accomplish big things in small steps! Block of the Month programs and Clubs are a simple way to manage your time and your quilting budget. They’re affordable, easy, and fun!

When you sign up, you'll pay a small fee to reserve your spot in the program. Each month, we'll send you everything you need to complete one quilt block, and you piece together a quilt one block (or row) at a time. We also offer unique Club series. These allow you to collect an entire matched set of quilted or appliquéd projects by making one quick project per month.

Shop our programs now and choose your favorites. Our sign-up process is streamlined so you can jump in and join the fun right away. New to BOM? Contact our support staff with any questions:

Frequently Asked Questions About BOMs & Clubs

What is the difference between laser-cut and traditional appliqué?

Traditional appliqué is done by tracing and cutting out your templates by hand, turning the edges, and stitching down your pieces either by hand or machine. To learn how to do traditional appliqué, watch Jen Bosworth's appliqué tutorial series on the Shabby Fabrics YouTube page.

With laser-cut appliqué, all your appliqué shapes are precut by a laser-cutting machine and pre-fused with a fusible webbing. All you need to do is peel off the backing, iron it to your fabric, and stitch around the edges. To try out a simple laser-cut appliqué, you can purchase some of our precut and pre-fused Shabby Shapes.

What is a Block of the Month / Club? How does it work?

Block of the Month programs (BOMs) make quilting affordable, easy and fun! Choose the program you love, sign up, and the rest is automatic. Each month you will be charged a set fee and we will send you everything you need to complete one Block or Kit. The length, cost, and details of each program vary, so please refer to the program description for more details.

Our Clubs work the same way as BOMs, but instead of a Block, you will receive a Kit each month to make that month's project.

When you sign up for a program, it is understood that you are signing up for the entire program and we will reserve an entire quilt/program for you. Your Block/Kit charge will automatically occur on the billing date established for that program, on the credit card you used to sign up for the program.