Pattern Corrections

Pattern Corrections

While Shabby Fabrics strives to create excellent patterns with no errors, occasionally we do miss an edit. Thank you for your understanding!

*Please note, the following corrections are for patterns designed by Shabby Fabrics only. To learn about corrections to patterns purchased at Shabby Fabrics but designed elsewhere, please contact the pattern designer.*

Hope Blooms Patchwork Quilt

On page 1 - If using Star Singles, use 2" Star Singles Half Square Triangle Paper

Trip Around the World

On page 1 - Cut The Fabric, cut (2) 3 7/8 x WOF strips

Candy Cane Bench Pillow

On page 2 - Assemble the Pillow, fold the 16½" end (the short end) of backing under 1" and press. 

Pocket Prayer Quilt

On page 1 - Make Quilt, strip sets should be cut to 1½" ×2½" units - NOT 1½" × 1½" units. 

Home & Away Quilt ©2020

On page 4 - Assemble "Away" Quilt, Blocks should measure 5½" ×5½" - NOT 6½" × 6½". 

North Pole Sampler Sew-Along

On page 2 - Quilt Layout, the Top Border and Bottom Border should be labeled 2½" ×52½".

On page 9 - Step 6
Each Bow Unit should measure 2½" × 5½".

On page 23 - Step 8, Each Door Unit should measure 3¾" × 6½".

On page 24 - Step 7, Each Window Unit should measure 5¼" × 6½". 

Magical Forest Table Runner

In the original Wool Cutting Diagram, shapes DG3 and DG5 were not reversed for fusible appliqué.
Please use the revised diagram to trace your shapes onto the dark green wool. 
Revised diagram can be downloaded HERE.

Patchwork Accent Runner - December

Cut patchwork squares from light green and dark green fabrics. 
The Christmas trees are NOT cut on point.

Berries and Blossoms

For Block 5, Fabric D and Fabric F should be cut in half, twice, diagonally.
You will only use two triangles from each fabric.

A Year in Words - Summer Pillow:

Fabric requirements: ½ yard for applique background, ½ yard for backing.

From backing fabric, cut (2) 15½" × 21" for backing.

How to Make a Tennesee Waltz Quilt - YouTube Video:

In this video, at 3:24 and at 6:30 you should cut a 3½" strip - NOT a 3" strip.

Scandi Christmas Tree Skirt:

For the taupe and cream triangles:
Make 8 triangles with the cream on the right, and 8 triangles with the cream on the left.

When assembling diamond sections:
Place the two pieces RST, with the cream triangle toward the middle point of the diamond and the taupe triangle toward the top point.

Mr. Jack Wall Hanging:

The backing fabric should be cut to 13½" × 17".

Little Boy Blue:

On page 1, diagram 1, the fabric should be oriented in this direction:

In the paragraph beneath diagram 1:
instead of Fabric C, use Fabric F; instead of Fabric D, use Fabric G.

C is for Christmas:

Corrected pages 23 - 24 can be downloaded HERE.

Blessings of Winter:

The DMC embroidery floss numbered 3875 should be 3865 (Winter White).

The yardage needed for the teal mottled print (applique, inner border, and binding) should be 1¼ yd.

Blessings of Autumn - 2nd Harvest SHOP GUIDE:

*Please note, the pattern is correct. The following changes refer to the SHOP GUIDE given to retail shops ONLY.*

For Block 6, the dark brown mottled fabric should also be cut for the top of the basket. Please provide a
4" × 10½" piece to your customers.

Patchwork Patriotic Table Runner:

The red, cream, and blue scraps should be cut into 2½" squares, NOT 2" squares.

Poinsettias de Noel:

For Block 5, Fabric B should be cut to 2⅞" squares (as written) and 2½" squares, NOT 2" squares.

In some early editions of the pattern, instructions for Block 11 and Block 12 were reversed. After completing the blocks as instructed, refer to the cover photo for correct block placement.

Blessings of Spring - Rebloomed SHOP GUIDE:

*Please note, the pattern is correct. The following changes refer to the SHOP GUIDE given to retail shops ONLY.*

For Block 7, Fabric 1347-01 should also be cut for the sashing.
Please provide a 8" × 3½" piece to your customers.