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Kimberbell Love Notes Mystery Quilt | Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the Kimberbell Love Notes Mystery Quilt! Jen is back to help you finish the quilt!

If you'd like to join the fun, we have a limited number of kits remaining:

Kimberbell Love Notes Kit - for Sewing (with laser cut appliqué)

Kimberbell Love Notes Kit - for Machine Embroidery - SOLD OUT

Love Notes Appliqué Thread (for laser cut kits)

Love Notes Mystery Quilt Video Series: Week 1, Week 2,Week 3,Week 4


- Micron Pen (these are permanent)

- Heat N Bond Lite

- Fusible Appliqué Mat

- Sewline Fabric Pencil (these disappear with water, not heat)

- Kai Embroidery Scissors

- Kimberbell Orange Pop Ruler - Square Set

- Creative Grids 4½" x 8½" Ruler

- Creative Grids 6½" x 24½" Ruler

- Creative Grids Rulers in all sizes

- Rotary Cutters, Blades, and Mats

- Clover Flower Head Pins

- Clover Magnetic Pin Caddy

- FriXion Pen (these disappear with heat)

- Clover Seam Ripper

- Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

- Spinning Rotary Mat

- Wafer Lightbox

- Wool Pressing Mat

- Panasonic 360° Freestyle Cordless Iron

We're sewing on a BERNINA 770 QE and we love it!