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Make an Autumn Centerpiece PLUS Fall Styling Tips

This elegant and lifelike Autumn Sage Leaf Centerpiece is the perfect addition to your dining room table. Mimicking the look of fallen leaves, the delicate detail in this piece gives a realistic appearance without any of the upkeep and maintenance. The soft texture combined with autumn tones makes this a versatile decoration that will enhance any given space in your home. All elements and design details brought together to be made simply, by you.

- Autumn Sage Leaf Centerpiece Kit

- Autumn Sage Leaf Centerpiece Pattern

- Autumn Sage Leaf Centerpiece Pattern - PDF Download

- Sage Leaf Centerpiece Kit

- Fabric Book Covers Kit


- Acrylic Leaf Templates

- AdTech 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

- 10 Inch Full Size Hot Glue Sticks

- Parchment Paper 18x26

- Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

- Frixion Clicker Pen 2 Pack