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How to Make a Crepe Paper Fall Wreath

This Fall Foliage Hoop Wreath is sure to be a standout piece in your home with its striking detail and unique flair. Made from luxury crepe paper, this wreath truly captures the true essence of Fall. Featuring textured design elements and warm autumn color tones, this exceptional display enhances your seasonal decor. 

- Fall Foliage Hoop Wreath Kit

- Fall Foliage Hoop Wreath Pattern

- Fall Foliage Hoop Wreath Pattern PDF DOWNLOAD

- Spring Blooms Hoop Wreath Kit

- Summer Sage Hoop Wreath Kit


- Acrylic Leaf Templates

- Acrylic Petal Templates

- Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

- AdTech 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun

- 10 Inch Full Size Hot Glue Sticks

- Parchment Paper 18x26