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Oliso Mimi G Edition Smart Iron | Notion

Tammy and Jen are back again to show off their favorite new Oliso Smart Iron! Featuring Mimi G's iconic leopard print pattern, this limited edition Smart Iron adds a little flair to your sewing room and is bursting with features designed with sewists and quilters in mind. Perfect for adding some spunk and fun to your space, this handy iron comes with a 3-year warranty and makes a wonderful gift! Join Jen and Tammyas they dive into the details and functions of this stylish iron and be sure to get yours today! 


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Video Transcript:

hi it's Jen and Tammy back with another notion video we have figured out how to make ironing really fun really fun this is a brand new limited edition yes iron that is just so cute mufossils no liso iron you see us sewing with this we do the one that lifts you've seen it pink we have different colors yeah Mimi G that's a new name for me that is a new name for me as well she's in the fashion industry okay that's probably why because I'm like that's right she's not in a quilting industry she's in the fashion industry yes and so she has uh partnered with Aliso to make this really fun iron there's a certain lady I know she wears a lot of the leopard print yeah I mean if there was an iron design for her this one this was it yeah so if you like just adding a lot of spunk and fun to your sewing room or maybe a very generous gift for a friend yes um or a relative that sews this could be it this is it all we know as we were told this is limited edition I don't know how many more we'll be able to order we don't know that so if this one you love get it get it now I think the others are going to keep going the pumpkin oh yeah and the yellow they're standing but this one they already said Limited Edition correct talk to us about we know it's hot but I love the warranty I love the safety features three year warranty done awesome that's huge well what has a three year warranty anymore I know sometimes it's 30 seconds sometimes not even a vehicle has a three year warranty on it right I know yeah three year warranty which is really nice this iron 30 minute auto shut off 30 minutes that's a long time for a quilter it is and I know some irons are just 10 minutes I know sooner do my Patchwork I come back and my irons are down and it's this weird I can't get in sync with the cycle no because you're constantly pushing the button to turn it back on I know there's a safety pressure if one of your kids were to knock this over and it were to fall and be hot on something 30 seconds shut off I love that so it's got kind of a tip or a yeah a fall feature fall feature correct that's important wow and it's important when I use this because I don't usually use steam however oh yeah when I have tried to steam out um curtains or a garment yes it's tough right it is this has vertical steam so you hold it up and you activate the signal oh no there's no water in it I won't steam you Jen no but the steam features right here and it will steam onto garments or use it like a garment presser yeah sure very nice the cord rotates do you see how this is rotating in here this is really nice a lot of irons I have have a fixed cord yeah oh it's annoying it is this moves with you and I love that feature it helps reduce tipping because the ones that's true that I've tried to move yes and that cord is fixed and over it goes yes just it just everything I don't know this is really a nice feature I see there is a reservoir there is a reservoir it's easy to fill it has a little spout that opens it and you have a little picture oh my gosh right there that's adorable and even the box is absolutely I mean just I feature about this let me just show you the inside of this here cool stuff look inside here and Mimi G I wanna I want to read her message before we kind of finish up I just think it's really sweet mimiji I hope you're watching we're telling everybody about your amazing designs let me try to get this you know what I'm going to leave it open because I love that I love the leopard I love the leopard print there how cool is it I'll just leave it like that do you want to read her message says Hello darling yes hello Darlings thank you so much for choosing my unique Mimi G Alissa iron I'm so excited about this amazing collaboration and can't wait to see you using it remember what I always say if you sew a seam you press a seam true that's very true our sewing machines are our most valuable too but our irons are just as important in the process of creating I hope you enjoy the mini G iron and that every time you use it you know it's designed with makers in mind and produce just so much love press on mimiji I love it it's so cool so if you want to make an investment yes and a great iron and have fun with the styling of the iron because so many times they're very mechanical like they do a job that's right they don't have a personality and now your iron can have a personality exactly so exactly um definitely wanted to introduce that to you and of course as we find more products we're always excited to show them to you um as we're finding them it's like a treasure hunt to be honest with you you're welcome Tammy and Jen