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Clover Quick Cut Thread Cutter | Notion

Say hello to your new best friend, the Clover Quick Cut Thread Cutter! This awesome tool allows you to quickly and easily cut your thread without any hassle.

With its dial feature, you can move the blade 12 points to get that super sharp edge you need to cut through any fabric with ease. Plus, you can use a 45mm Rotary Cutter Blade and replace it when needed, making it a long-lasting and reliable addition to your quilting arsenal. So, if you're ready to take your quilting game to the next level, get yourself a Clover Quick Cut Thread Cutter today and start enjoying the time-saving benefits!

- Clover Quick Cut Thread Cutter

- Rotary Cutters & Blades

Video Transcript:

hi it's Jen and Tammy back with a great new notion find this is very new from Clover Notions yes we all know when we're chain piecing uh to save thread we were doing these chain piecing in the sewing room yes and we've got these long chains and scissors is usually how we start doing this this is my normal yep and she's like Jen why are you doing that and I'm like I don't know Tammy take it away what is this thing this is the Clover quick cut thread cutter this is so cute I love it it's pink of course it's got to go in my sewing room just for that but it has a blade inside look how fast I can I can do this faster than you can cut with scissors right well not only that much faster I when I was trying to hurry yep snipped a fabric oh you cut your fabric that's yeah yeah that's not good and I thankfully had extra fabric but what if I didn't exactly what if I didn't what if you didn't besides the cute Factor this is very practical very practical okay how's the dial work I see a dial so there are 12 settings on this so that when your blade starts to get dull you just click the dial turn it to a new blade new piece on the blade and you're good to go that's amazing isn't that fun when the blade is done yes so I have to discard this or the replacement yes there are replacement blades from Clover okay yes we better get those in here then definitely but this is a great one again things that speed up oh yeah PC make your life easier you're not grabbing your scissors I'm always losing my scissors but this will sit right next to my machine and it's so cute I love it all right so I you know clovers makes such great Notions we keep adding to what we're offering I'm always trying to bring you the very best things that we use in the sewing room here shabby and at home so thanks for telling us about that and we will see you soon on more notion videos with Tammy and Jen [Music] thank you