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Clover Fabric Tube Maker | Notion

Do you love creating Jelly Roll Rugs, but get tired of all the folding that goes into it? Well, have no fear because the Clover Fabric Tube Maker is here to make your life a whole lot easier! This nifty gadget allows you to effortlessly pull fabric and batting through the tube maker, accomplishing two precise folds in one smooth motion.

Made of durable and super smooth plastic material, this Fabric Tube Maker is a must-have tool for any quilter or crafter out there. Whether you're looking to create beautiful jelly roll rugs, baskets, or any other fabric projects, the Clover Fabric Tube Maker makes it a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious folding and hello to endless possibilities with this awesome tool.  Grab your Clover Fabric Tube Maker today and a Jolly Roll project!

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