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  • Wool quilt featuring a colorful border and 12 blocks
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Thimble Blossoms BOM - Wool Applique

Celebrate your favorite pastime with us! The absolutely beautiful Thimble Blossoms Block of the Month Wool Appliqué quilt takes us back to the simple pleasures of sewing with this heartfelt design, presented in gorgeous detail! Designed by Stacy West and thoughtfully recolored by Shabby Fabrics, the wool appliqué is rich in color and full of lofty texture! Each of the 12 appliqué blocks feature 100% wool, many of which are hand-dyed, giving each vignette character and interest!  Finish your quilt with coordinating appliqué and embroidery thread sets, and 70-button kit (as shown)! This timeless quilt will find a place in your heart forever and become an instant family heirloom!

The Thimble Blossoms Wool BOM Includes:
  • Pattern
  • All Cotton Backgrounds, Borders & Binding
  • All 100% Wool appliqué pieces
  • Wool Cutting Diagrams

A perfect coordinated backing is available for RESERVE in the options below. The backing is 3½ yds and the cost is $39.55 ($5.00 will be charged now, and the remaining balance of $34.55 will be charged with Block 1 in January 2020).

BOM Details:
  • 13-Month Program: Begins January 2020 - Finishes January 2021
  • Finished Size: 56" x 68"
  • $42.50 per month plus shipping ($6.00 U.S. / $9.00 Int'l)
  • Sign-Up Fee is $10.00 to reserve your spot
  • Program is non-cancellable & non-refundable
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged for the prior months Blocks (to get you caught up with the program) when your order is processed by the BOM Department.

Please Note:
 BOM Sign Up & Reserve fees do not count toward the $75 free U.S. Shipping

Products Used:

17pc Thimble Blossoms BOM Wool Applique Thread Set - Beautifully color coordinated 12wt Sulky Cotton thread to machine or hand stitch down your wool appliqué pieces.

11pc Thimble Blossoms BOM Embroidery Thread Set - Gorgeous thread colors specifically selected for completing the decorative hand embroidery on both the Laser Cut and Wool versions.

70 pc Thimble Blossoms BOM Button Kit - Everything you need to put the finishing touches on your quilt.

Creative Grids 6½" x 12½" Ruler - Great for accurately measuring and cutting.

Creative Grids 12½ Square Ruler - Helpful for accurate squaring up of blocks.

Wool Pressing Mat - 14" x 14" - Very helpful for ironing your wool appliqué.

Fuse and View Mat - 12" x 18" - Extremely useful for assembling individual appliqué units.

Wafer 2 Lightbox - Excellent for tracing appliqué shapes accurately.

Clover Embroidery Needle Threader - Very useful for threading needles.

Shabby Fabrics #22 Chenille Needles - Perfect size needle for appliquéing your wool.

Shabby Fabrics Embellishing Needles - Perfect size needle for hand stitching embroidery.

Thread Magic - Very helpful when hand stitching with embroidery thread.

Schmetz Super Nonstick Needle Size 100/16 - Perfect size needle for machine stitching through multiple layers of wool.

Heat N Bond Lite - Great for bonding wool without added weight or stiffness.

Kai Embroidery Scissors - Perfect for precise wool trimming.

FriXion Clicker Pen - Very useful for tracing embroidery lines on light wool.

Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen - Great for marking your cutting and sewing lines.



Our Price: $10.00

Great Choice!

We'll let you know when this collection is available.

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