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  • Snowman mug mat with mug resting on top| Shabby Fabrics
  • Details of Snowman and mug on mug mat | Shabby Fabrics
  • Details of light blue and white stitches on mug mat | Shabby Fabrics
  • Close up details of snowman on mug mat | Shabby Fabrics
  • Overhead view of black mug mat with snowman

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Wooly Mug Mat Series - January - Wool Kit

Video demonstration project. Follow along with Jen and Tammy for more detailed instructions in our "How To Make the Wooly Mug Mat" YouTube Series. 

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The smiling snowman in the Wooly Mug Mat January is all bundled up and excited for the newly fallen snow! You’ll enjoy sipping your favorite beverage as you admire his stocking cap, scarf and coat made with hand-dyed wool! Add the coordinating thread set to finish your mug mat with the beautiful decorative stitches, as shown!

Made using 100% wool, the Wooly Mug Mat Series is a perfect way to bring the spirit of each month into your home! Each month's unique design features specific stitches using beautiful threads, and colored with rich, textured wool (many hand-dyed). Specifically designed with the beginner in mind, they are fun projects to look forward to making and displaying each month! Only available at Shabby Fabrics! 

The Wooly Mug Mat measures approximately 9½" x 6".

This Kit Includes:

  • All 100% Wool for Mug Mat
  • Full Size Template

Download the Wooly Mug Mat - January Diagram HERE!

Products Used:

Wooly Mug Mat - 6pc Appliqué Thread Set - Very helpful for hand or machine stitching wool appliqué

Wooly Mug Mat - 2pc Embroidery Thread Set - Perfect for creating the fun details that make the project come alive

Wool Pressing Mat - Very helpful for pressing your wool appliqué

Wafer 1 Lightbox 9" x 12½" - Extremely helpful for tracing appliqué shapes

Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool Book - Great resource for learning the stitches that are demonstrated in the video for right or left-handed use.

Clover Embroidery Needle Threader - Very helpful for threading needles

Schmetz Super Nonstick Needles 100/16 - Perfect size needle for machine stitching wool appliqué

Shabby Fabrics #22 Chenille Needles - Perfect size needle for appliquéing your wool

Shabby Fabrics Embellishing Needles - Perfect size needle when working with Perle Cotton

Panasonic 360° Freestyle Cordless Iron - Very useful for precise pressing anywhere

Thread Magic - Extremely helpful for taming unruly embroidery thread

Clover Wonder Clips Very useful for holding pieces together for stitching

Heat N Bond Lite - Very helpful for bonding wool without added weight of stiffness

Kai Embroidery Scissors - Great for precise wool trimming

FriXion Pen - Perfect for marking embroidery lines on light wool

Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen - Perfect for marking embroidery lines on dark wool

CutRrite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper - Very helpful for making the oval template

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