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  • Spooky street with haunted houses, mummies, ghosts, and jack o' lanterns.
  • Purple wool house with smiling orange jack o' lantern.
  • Gray cat with yellow eyes sitting in a pumpkin patch.
  • Person in a ghost costume trick-or-treating at a purple house with a cobweb window.
  • A ghost haunting near a spooky house with a large carnivorous plant.
  • Person in a mummy costume trick-or-treating.
  • Spooky house with x-ed out eyes and scary mouth, beside a jack-o-lantern.
  • Purple applique mansion with ornate windows.
  • Applique thread set for Halloween Hollow kit with cotton 50 wt threads.
  • Embellishing thread set for Halloween Hollow kit with glitter embroidery threads.

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Halloween Hollow Table Runner - Wool Kit

The moon and stars are bright in the sky as the trick-or-treaters set out on a quest for candy, but little do they know what spooky sights they will encounter! From carniverous plants to monster houses, this table runner celebrates the mysterious wonder of Halloween! This beautifully detailed and textured wool project will be the centerpiece of your Halloween decor that everyone will look forward to seeing year after year!

Kit includes pattern and full‑size diagram, with 100% wool for background, appliqué, and backing. Finishes at approximately 18" × 43".

The Halloween Hollow Wool Table Runner Kit Includes:
  • Professionally printed Full Size Pattern & Diagrams (including both tracing and layout diagrams)
  • 100% Wool for background, appliqué, and backing! (Most appliqued pieces are 100% hand dyed wool)
  • Buttons

Products Used:

14pc Halloween Hollow Appliqué Thread Set - Beautifully coordinated colors for machine or hand stitching down your wool appliqué.

9pc Halloween Hollow Embellishing Thread Set - Beautifully coordinated colors for completing the decorative hand embroidery. 

Shape-Flex All Purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing - Highly Recommended for stabilizing wool, reducing stretching & warping for both machine and hand embroidery. 1¼ yards is required. 

Wafer 3 Lightbox 18" x 23½" - Very helpful for tracing and placing appliqué shapes accurately

Appliqué Pressing Sheet - Extremely helpful for placing appliqué shapes accurately

Heat N Bond Lite - Very helpful for bonding fabric without added weight

Schmetz Super Nonstick Needles - Extremely helpful for stitching through multiple layers of wool

Sue Spargo Needles - Extremely helpful for hand stitching embroidery

Thread Magic - Extremely helpful for hand stitching with embroidery thread

Kai Embroidery Scissors - Very helpful for precise wool fabric trimming

Erasable Fabric Marker - Very helpful for marking placement, sewing & embroidery 

Frixion Pen - Very helpful for marking embroidery lines on light fabrics

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