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Hexi Door Greeters - June - Wool Kit

Featuring classic sheep and pineapple motifs, this 100% wool banner is sure to impress! The Hexi Door Greeters for June is reminiscent of warm summer evenings spent relaxing in the backyard with your family and friends. The design features the word ‘Home’ adorned with adorable farm animals, plants, and stars, adding a primitive charm to your décor! The timeless design is beautifully finished with hand-dyed wool and sweet embellishments, making it a colorful centerpiece for your celebration of summer!

All 12 Hexi Door Greeters showcase a unique theme each month! Designed by Stacy West, and recolored by Shabby Fabrics, each design has a 3 or 4-letter word set vertically on hexagon shaped backgrounds that sets the mood for the month! 

Finished Size: 9" x 32½"

This Kit Includes:
  • Pattern
  • 100% Wool Fabrics for background, appliqué, and backing
  • Buttons & Embellishments

Products Used:

Shape-Flex All Purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing
Highly Recommended for stabilizing wool, reducing stretching and warping for both machine and hand embroidery. This kit requires 1 yd - click HERE to get your Shape-Flex!

12" Home Craft Holder - Perfect for displaying each of your Hexi Door Greeters!

Wool Pressing Mat 14" x 14" - Extremely useful for ironing your wool appliqué.

Wafer 2 Lightbox 12½" x 17" 
Extremely helpful for tracing appliqué shapes accurately

Appliqué Pressing Sheet - Extremely helpful for placing appliqué shapes accurately

Heat N Bond Lite - Very helpful for bonding fabric without added weight

Clover Wonder Clips – 
Perfect for holding your project together when stitching around the edges

Schmetz Super Nonstick Needles, Size 100 – 
Perfect size needle for stitching through multiple layers of wool

Shabby Fabrics Embellishing Needle - 
Perfect size needle for hand stitching embroidery

Thread Magic - 
Great for hand stitching with embroidery thread

Kai Embroidery Scissors - 
Very helpful for precise fabric trimming

Presencia Perlé Thread Size 8 - 
Very useful for securing the outer edge of your Hexi Door Greeters

Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen – 
Extremely helpful for tracing embroidery lines on dark wool

FriXion Pen - Very helpful with marking embroidery lines on light wool



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